The surrounding area

The Sunnmøre Alps

The Sunnmøre Alps have a lot to offer, and the area around the lodges is a treasure trove of experiences.

You can rent bicycles, canoes or SUP boards from us if you would like to explore the area on your own, or you can use services like guided tours, organized fishing trips or enjoy a good meal at Paviljongen (the Pavilion) on Strandafjellet.

Our best tips for experiencing the surrounding area;

  • Canoe trip on lake Nysætervatnet
  • Paddleboard on lake Nysætervatnet
  • Bicycle trip around the lake
  • Mountain trip to Blådalen (see description below)
  • Paviljongen at Roalden (Strandafjellet)

Blådalen is highly recommended if you would like a hiking trip in the neighborhood.

Blådalen is beautifully situated in the valley you can see from the lodges, above the lake and to the left. The lake and an amazing view awaits you at the peak. Follow the graveled road around the lake and drive to the end, where you will find a parking lot (or use the canoe). A plastic bag in a tree marks the start of the trip, on the right hand side of the parking lot. From there, you can follow the path towards the top.

Have a nice trip!